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Work with us with an Acumatica Entreprenuer Partnership

An Acumatica Entrepreneur Partnership is good for those who;


  • Have clients that are outgrowing QuickBooks.

  • Are concerned that these clients represent a significant consulting revenue and if moved to a different ERP system then the consulting revenue would dry up.

  • Have no real larger system to offer and no interest in the £10,000 plus investment required to engage with Sage or Microsoft to provide their larger ERP systems.

  • Want to expand their knowledge of ERP functionality.



What the Acumatica Entrepreneur Partnership provides;


  • You keep your involvement with your client by being part of the user implementation team. This can be anything from the system specification to the data migration and even user training.

  • Training on the use of Acumatica including the creation of financial reports, queries and Business Intelligence,

  • The ability to service and support larger businesses.



Acumatica Entrepreneur is a SAAS offering for businesses with up to 12 users providing the full Acumatica suite at a price that is affordable for the typical business that is outgrowing QuickBooks.



To initiate your partnership contact us using the form below or call us on +44 (0) 844 445 7204


















More About Acumatica Entreprenuer


Acumatica is one of a few cloud systems that has more than the basic functionality found in most online systems. Most are either fully browser based and lacking functionality, or, they have functionality but lack the advantages of a browser based system.


  • Acumatica Cloud ERP covers full financials, distribution, CRM, project accounting at the level required by medium sized businesses.

  • It has mobile applications, workflow and document attachments.

  • It has strong integration with Microsoft Power BI. The product development kit is available for customisation and change. 

  • The Financials includes full multicurrency on all accounts, an extended chart of accounts, row level security, consolidations, deferred revenue and expense processing with a remarkably simple but comprehensive financial reporting tool. 

  • Accounts Payable processing includes the approval of an invoice which is separate from the payment approvals. 

  • The cash management feature includes automated bank reconciliations and a unique 30 day cash flow forecast that will include external diarised transactions like VAT, salaries, dividends etc. 

  • The mobile applications include employee expenses where the photograph of the expense receipt is uploaded with the claim.  Full approval functionality is available on the mobile applications. 

  • The CRM system is part of the core application unlike that of other major ERP’s.  It has full integration of cases, calendars, email and tasks with Microsoft Office 365 and exchange. 

  • The distribution applications include an extensive product pricing options, multiple warehouse, stock holding at the bin level with bin rules, drop shipping and blanket orders, serial and lot number tracking, stock replenishment from suppliers and bulk stores, automatic freight charge lookup and dashboards and queries that are fully customisable.


Please visit our dedicated website for more information about Acumatica.



Please not: We will only take on partners who have a client who moves to Acumatica.

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