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Which QuickBooks businesses are a good fit for Acumatica?

Not every business that uses QuickBooks Enterprise should move to Acumatica. Those businesses that have simple processes are better off moving to one of the small business cloud accounting systems like Xero, QuickBooks Online and Sage Instant.

So which businesses are a good fit for Acumatica?

Provided below are a list of common factors that have made our clients choose Acumatica;

  1. Multi Company If you have more than one trading company in your group then this will inevitably lead to a need for financial consolidations and inter-company accounting.

  2. Product Picking and Shipping If you sell product then you need the system to track orders to be picked, shipped and invoiced rather than the order to invoice process that QuickBooks provides. You may even need to track serial and lot numbers through the product cycle.

  3. Project Accounting If your business is project based then you may need more functionality such as multiple levels within a project, monthly project budgets and on-line timesheets.

  4. Expense Claim Process If your business has a reasonable amount of employee expense claims to process then you need a mobile application for the entry and attachment of receipts and a system that routes the claim for approval.

  5. CRM If you need to track leads and sales opportunities they should be in the same system where you can easily convert them to customers and quotes to orders.

  6. Deferred Income Accounting If you provide a service that spans a period of time then you are required to spread the income over the period covered.

  7. Financial Reporting If you need more sophisticated management and financial reporting.

  8. Order to Purchase If you raise purchase orders on the back of a sales order and you need to see the profitability of a particular sales order.

  9. Multi Country If you operate through branches and businesses in different countries then in addition to the need for consolidation you will need a system that

provides the correct VAT return, chart of accounts and even languages.

If your business matches any of these factors and you are looking to move off QuickBooks Enterprise then do give us a ring. We have some interesting options to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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