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Outgrowing QuickBooks...

Many companies reach a point where they have simply outgrown the available functionality of QuickBooks....

One of the most common problems we see is that companies require an additional stage in accounts recievable between order and invoice. This is particularly the case with distribution companies.

When a customer places an order there tends to be a few stages before you turn this into an invoice/receipt. The next step is usually that the order goes to the warehouse for picking and from there it will be shipped. The only way to do this in QuickBooks is to have different templates, but there is no way to know which orders are at which stage - you need to keep a note of this externally.

Acumatica Entrepreneur allows you to have multiple stages in between order and invoice. You can add picking slips, shipment documents, labels and packing slips. You can also build custom reports so that you can view what orders are in what stage.

Find out more about how Acumatica can help you acheive more from your accounting system here or call us on 0844 445 7204.

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