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QuickBooks Enterprise UK Latest

In February we were informed by a company trying to purchase QuickBooks Enterprise from Intuit that they were told that the product had been suspended due to a technical fault. We contacted Intuit UK to establish what the problem was but we did not learn anything more. After a few weeks we were told that it had been resolved. In the first week of March we were told that although the technical fault had been resolved, the product was no longer available. It will still be supported for some time but would eventually be discontinued. This is from the MD of Intuit UK, Mike Williams. It seems an odd move to us. Intuit is busy promoting their new cloud system which is for small businesses with up to 5 users. So there is no alternative within the Intuit family for businesses who need more than 5 users. Besides in the US the Enterprise product is going strong. For clients of ours and other users of QuickBooks Enterprise UK this is an early warning of the end of the software. Intuit UK will continue to “support” Enterprise to cover their obligations under the support agreement which is for one year from renewal. As they have not informed their users the likely termination period will be more than a year from now (end of March). The support is likely to be the provision of updates for the PAYE tables. So for those businesses who do not use the payroll part of QBES it is a little less pressing. I would also suggest that when Intuit do make the announcement that they reduce the support fee as they will not be improving the product in any way, merely providing payroll updates. We chose QBES for our portfolio of systems because it spanned the gap in the market between the small business system and a mid-market ERP system like Sage 200 and Dynamics GP which cost 5 – 10 times more. QBES boasted a maximum of 30 users and provided sophisticated stock functionality and it is cleverly designed as you know. I am asked to recommend something else that will do the same but there isn’t anything. We are in discussion with Intuit US to have the international product modified to accommodate VAT on purchases. If we are successful then this should be of interest although clients would also need a local payroll system which for up to 30 employees is not expensive. Failing this it is a good time to consider moving to a bigger system on the cloud. Businesses on QBES are larger companies by definition and are likely to be outgrowing the functionality of QuickBooks. We have taken on a new mid-range accounting system that is cloud based. It is packed with good features and being on the cloud means that you can access it anywhere through a browser. It costs considerably more than QBES but we are able to come up with a trimmed down version which will cost between £30 - £40 per user per month. Compared to the low end cloud systems this is good value as it has much greater functionality and it includes CRM. So do take a look at our special promotion – Acumatica Entrepreneur. We will continue to support our QBES clients. It is a pity that this decision has been taken as we have invested a lot of effort bringing some excellent add on products to make your system even better with extended reporting, CRM and links to web shopping carts.

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