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QuickBooks Enterprise Myths

QuickBooks Enterprise myths - here's the truth...

Myth 1: QuickBooks is only for very small businesses

Reality: QuickBooks is the No.1 financial management software for businesses with 20 to 500 employees. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is the most advanced version of QuickBooks designed for growing businesses with up to 30 users or multiple locations.

Myth 2: Businesses don't switch to QuickBooks from other mid-level accounting systems

Reality: More than 12,000 companies have switched to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions from Sage MAS 90, Microsoft Great Plains and other mid-level systems. And 84% of them say QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is easier to use than their previous software.

Myth 3: You're on your own to get up and running on QuickBooks

Reality: Your first year of technical support is included with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, we also offer data conversion to help you convert your data from your current system. We provide local UK support services - remote or on-site depending on your preference.

Myth 4: QuickBooks isn't scalable and secure enough for more mid-sized businesses

Reality: QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions has the capacity to track 100,000+ customers, vendors, and inventory items so there's virtually no limit to your growth. You can add up to 30 simultaneous users as your business grows, and utilize the advanced user permissions for exceptional control over how users access your system and data.

Myth 5: QuickBooks cannot solve the unique needs of your business

Reality: QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions industry editions offer specialized tools and reports designed to work the way you do — at no extra cost. Enterprise Solutions also works seamlessly with other Intuit business services and 3rd party developed apps to solve the unique needs of your business.

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