QuickBooks Enterprise Keyboard Shortcuts

When you're working in your accounting system you need to move about quickly and with ease. Here are some of our favourite keyboard shortcuts for getting things done quickly!...

Navigating Dates

  • Move dates forward or backwards one day at a time – Use the Plus (+) or Minus (-) keys.

  • Go straight to the beginning or end of the week – Use the W key for the first of the Week and the K key for the last day of the weeK.

  • Go straight to the beginning or end of the month – Use the M key for the first day of the Month and the H key for the last day of the montH.

  • Go straight to the beginning or end of the year – Use the Y key for the first day of the Year and the R key for the last day of the yeaR

  • Go straight to Today’s Date – Use the T key.

Performing Calculations in Amount Fields

Any amount field within QuickBooks is armed with a complete calculator. To enable the function, just start typing in the calculation you want to perform within the field. Addition uses the plus key (+), subtraction uses the minus key (-), multiplication uses the star key (*), and division uses the slash key (/).

Working with transactions

  • Open the Write Checks Window – Use Ctrl-W.

  • Enter a New Transaction – Use Ctrl-N when in the Invoice, Bill, or other transaction forms.

  • Delete Line from Transaction – Use Ctrl+Del.

  • Insert Line into Transaction – Use Ctrl+Insert.

  • Delete Entire Transaction – Use Ctrl-D

  • Close active window – Use the Esc key.

  • Find a transaction – Use Ctrl-F

  • View History or Linked Transactions – Use Ctrl-H

Other Helpful Shortcuts

  • Open Chart of Accounts – Use Ctrl-A

  • Print – Ctrl-P

  • Open Help – Use F1 key.

  • Undo Changes made – Ctrl-Z.

Once again QuickBooks Enterprise UK proves how easy it is to use.

To find out more shortcuts search 'keyboard shortcuts' in the help section within QuickBooks Enterprise.

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