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Use SAP Crystal Reports with QuickBooks Enterprise

Empower Decision Makers with SAP Crystal Reports

Have you ever been in the position where you know that the information exists, but you don't know where to find it, or it's in a format that's not usable? Have you wondered why important information isn't readily available or why it's so difficult to get?

For close to two decades, SAP Crystal Reports software has helped business users and IT departments get the information they need to do their jobs. Millions of people around the world, in organisations of all sizes and across all industries, use SAP Crystal Reports to design, explore, visualise and deliver reports over the Web or to embed reports into enterprise applications.

SAP Crystal Reports is a total reporting solution that enables organisations to deliver insightful information to their users and help them make better decisions. With an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, report authors can access data spread across disparate systems.

End-users have the option to publish personalised reports to recipients securely inside and outside the organisation or embed reports in business applications. Reports can be presented with stunning visualisations to empower decision-making instantly and transform the way businesses are run.


  • Generate professional reporting

  • Empower end-users to explore reports with on-report sorting and parameters

  • Minimise IT and developer effort with interactive reports

  • Save valuable report design time

  • Embed professional-looking reports in Java and .NET applications

  • Tailor your solution by adding report management and viewing tools

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