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The system we are recommending is Acumatica. We have put together a special configuration at a lower price, called Acumatica Small Business.

Acumatica is incredibly rich in functionality and there are many benefits to using it, you'll find Acumatica can be incredible flexible in suiting your business needs.

We will also assist with the migration of user data and creation of specially configured user screens to help you have a smooth transition from QuickBooks.

For further information on Acumatica can benefit your business please visit or

Important News: Intuit have stopped selling QuickBooks Enterprise UK


As you may have already heard, Intuit UK have discontinued QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. The International version however, will still be available.


Why Acumatica?

- Configurable, extensible, and         easily integrates with other             systems

- On-premise, hosted or SaaS             deployment

- Optimised for mobile use

- Priced for unlimited users, with no   hidden fees

- Upgrade on your own schedule


What Does This Mean For Our Customers?

We will continue to support our QuickBooks customers and offer help and advice where needed. As well as this we will also continue to promote 3rd party products that will benefit QuickBooks users.

Along with continued support we will also be recommending a new cloud based enterprise accounting system for small to medium businesses. 

What This Means


QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is no longer available to purchase. Intuit have provided us with a timeframe for the discontinuation process;

During Year 1 (August 2014 - July 2015)
- All current subscriptions have been extended until 31st July this means Intuit will continue to offer UK based technical support until 31    July 2015.
- No new versions of QuickBooks Enterprise will be released.
- Clients using Payroll within QuickBooks Enterprise v14 will be able to complete the 2014/2015 PAYE year end.
- After April 5th 2015 no further tax or payroll updates will be released. This means it will not be possible to use the software to run payroll     or prepare returns for HMRC. Clients will still be able to access other functionality within the product.


During Years 2-3 (1st August 2015 - 31st July 2017)

- Intuit will continue to offer online technical support, including email support free of charge.

- They will only deliver critical, high impact bug fixes to Enterprise Solutions.

Top FAQ's

Will the product be maintained?
Intuit will only release high impact bug fixed until 31st July 2017.


Will we be able to continue using QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions?
You will still be able to use payroll withing QuickBooks Enterprise v14 for PAYE year 2014/15, including filing year end. After 5th April 2015 no further tax or payroll updates will be released. Beyond this point it will not be possible to use QuickBooks Enterprise to prepare returns for HMRC. However you will still be able to access the other features of the product.


What will happen to Enterprise Solutions Data Files?

All product files will remain accessible within QuickBooks Enterprise beyond the discontinuation date and support period.

As of 31st July 2017: QuickBooks Enterprise is No Longer Supported in the UK

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