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These selected project overviews, for a few diverse industries, show how our financial packages and integrations have worked to improve the efficiency and financial well being of companies like yours.

Combined reporting


Nonviolent Peaceforce are a charity who aim to promote, develop and implement unarmed civilian peacekeeping as a tool for reducing violence and protecting civilians in situations of violent conflict. Their head office is in Brussels, but they also have sites all over the world including Sudan, Phillipines and USA. We provided Nonviolent Peaceforce with a hosted website running QuickBooks Enterprise with combined reporting applications and a training and set up guide for local offices to follow.

QuickBooks Enterprise UK combined reporting
QuickBooks Enterprise UK access from anywhere cloud
QuickBooks Enterprise UK multiple offices
QuickBooks Enterprise UK multiple locations yacht management
QuickBooks Enterprise UK market research
​Access from Anywhere


The Oxford College of Marketing is a leading marketing college with 14 study centres across the UK. They needed a system that could run on their terminal server, was safe, would allow them access from anywhere and could handle the large volumes of data that they enter on a daily basis. We provided The Oxford College of Marketing with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, the only version of QuickBooks that can run on a terminal server. The server allowed access from anywhere whilst allowing safety by owning all the data and software that is installed. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions allows them to have over 1 million records (customer, suppliers, items etc.) and allows for their large data entry.

​Cloud Computing and Worldwide Multiple Offices


Green Leads B2B is a lead generation and marketing company with offices in the UK and US. Green Leads needed an accounting system that could be put on a cloud server and provide them with a quick and simple way to input new customers. We provided Green Leads with a cloud based hosted server running QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. The hosted server allowed access from anywhere whilst allowing safety by owning all the data and software that is installed. QuickBooks simple and easy to use system meant they could have every member of their team using the system quickly and effectively.

​Market Research Group


The Sterling Research Group wanted a streamlined system that would eliminate tedious work-arounds and provide the information they needed for accurate business metrics. They specifically wanted an integrated Job Costing system, the capability to drill down transactions for easy investigation and modification, the ability to accurately track employee time and download timesheets and the advantage of paperless features such as direct deposit, electronic invoicing and electronic back-ups. All of which was provided by using QuickBooks Enterprise.

​Yacht Management and Multiple Locations


Fraser Yachts were looking for one system that could be used in all of their worldwide offices; including Monaco, France, Spain, Italy and the US. We placed QuickBooks Enterprise on a server and provided their users secure access to QuickBooks Enterprise and their files, from anywhere at any time using Citrix, a secure remote access solution. Users now experience seamless and consistent access to their financial software, whether on the LAN, at an office, at home, or on the road-with just an Internet connection.

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