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Acumatica is incredibly rich in functionality and there are many benefits to using it.We are confident that you'll find Acumatica can be incredible flexible in suiting your business needs. Acumatica is very popular with previous users of both QuickBooks Enterprise and Sage Line 50, with many of them liking how smooth a transition moving to Acumatica is.


We will also assist with the migration of user data and creation of specially configured user screens to help you have a smooth transition from QuickBooks. Click here to view a selection of case studies

For more information about Acumatica please visit our dedicated website

Q) Can my data be migrated from QuickBooks Enterprise to Acumatica?

A) Yes! We can provide this service importing all transactions in the normal ledger with as much history as you like. We can also transfer all lists helping your transition be as seamless as possible.

Q) Can I use Acumatica in the field?

A) Yes, Acumatica is optimised for mobile use so you can run your business anywhere!

Q) How does Acumatica match up to other competitors eg Xero or QuickBooks Online?


A) While both of these options are aimed at the smaller business, trying to compare them with Acumatica is like comparing a mini to a coach. The differences in functionality are huge. Acumatica provides you with an all-in-one powerful solution whereas many of it's competitors are limited in both features and functionality.

Q) Is there a minimum period?

A) Yes there is a minimum period of 1 year. After that you can give 3 months notice for discontinuation.

Q) Can I have a seperate backup copy of the data?

A) The system is fully secured and backed up but if you'd like a backup copy of your data then this can be provided at a cost of £50 +vat

Q) What if I want to add a new entity (company)?

A)This is possible and can be made available under the same login.

Q) Can I move over to the full version of Acumatica?

A) You can upgrade at any time. Your data would be moved over to your own installation of Acumatica, which you can have fully hosted or run on your own server.


Please visit our dedicated website for further information including example pricing


Since Intuit's decision to discontinue QuickBooks Enterprise UK version we have seen a large gap appear for small and medium sized businesses who require more functionality and users. We spent a lot of time searching on working on what we believed would best fill that gap. The system we recommend is Acumatica Small Business  from Acumatica Cloud ERP.

Leaving QuickBooks - What Next?

View our dedicated website here


Most of our clients with QuickBooks Enterprise are taking our recommendation and moving to Acumatica. Acumatica helps businesses eliminate manual processes through an integrated set of accounting, sales, inventory and customer management (CRM). 

Acumatica Small Business provides you with the key functionality of Acumatica ERP priced for smaller businesses. We understand that many small and medium sized businesses have complex requirements for multiple warehouses, multiple bin locations, lot and serial tracking and most small systems don't have this functionality. Acumatica enables you to use complex functionality for a small number of users, and when you're ready to upgrade to the full system there's no costly system migration to go through, we simply move you up to the full version.  

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