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QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Is QuickBooks Enterprise UK still available to purchase?

Due to a number of factors we have been advised that this is no longer the case. However the International version is still available. We are suggesting that people currently using Enterprise consider some of the other options which are available to them.

What will happen to existing users of QuickBooks Enterprise UK?

As of this moment Intuit UK have made no formal announcement regarding their plans for QBE UK. We have been told they will continue to supply support for the next year. It is likely that this will mean QuickBooks Enterprise will not be improved in the future unless there are any changes in VAT or Payroll - these would then be updated to comply with HMRC rules.

After this year it is likely that payroll support will also stop. If you are using QuickBooks Enterprise UK you should start considering alternatives for future use e.g. Acumatica Entrepreneur.

What are the differences between QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and QuickBooks Premier?

The Enterprise version of QuickBooks provides a lot more features and benefits. QuickBooks Enterprise allows you to have 1 million client, supplier and item records as apposed to QuickBooks Premier which only allows 14,500. It is also more cost effective over 3 years with more users.


We've put together this handy chart which details the key differences - you can find it under Resources the PDF Downloads page

What is the difference between the UK and the US (or International) version of QuickBooks Enterprise?

You may have noticed that on the website we have marked some features as ‘US only’ or ‘International only’. This is because we provide two version of QuickBooks Enterprise; the UK version from Intuit UK and the US version from Intuit. The main difference between the two is that the US version is set up for sales tax.


When we first started selling QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions the only version available was from the US. We thought the product was fantastic, so we created a few customisations and reports that enable us to use QuickBooks Enterprise in the UK and report on VAT. We also recommend using an external payroll system with the US version due to sales tax.


Other differences include a few features. The US version includes the document centre, which allows you to attach documents to any transaction or account. We are hoping to see this feature introduced towards the end of 2013.


If you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 844 445 7133 or contact us

Is QuickBooks Enterprise right for me?

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is right for you if you would like any of the following:

  • You want a system that's easy

  • You need more than 5 simultaneous users

  • You want a system that requires significantly less investment than most mid ranged accounting systems.

  • You would like more custom fields to track data unique to your business

  • You have specialised roles or departments (e.g. Sales, Purchasing, Payroll)

  • You operate in two or more locations or have remote workers

  • You process a large number of transactions

  • You want a system that will support numbers as high as 99 billion

  • You need the ability to view reports and dashboards

  • You want a system that has multi currency capabilities

  • You want a system that scales up as you grow

  • You want to track and manage workers and their work

  • You want a flexible system that allows you to customise reports with up to 30 custom fields

  • You  have activities that are amongst the following:

        Professional Services

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